IPC - Material Data Entry for ODM Products

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Before entering the Material Data, the complete BOM combination is needed. Data entry for ODM Products begins with the same process outlined for Complex Assemblies:


- List the Motorola part numbers for the sub-parts which have Motorola part numbers

- Combine all the components with same materials

- The Combination BOM List will be sent as a supporting document to Motorola Mobility, the material data will be declared base on the combined parts


Example BOM for ODM Products

Entering Material Data:

  1. Load a header file, and complete all required entries

  2. In the Supplier Part Section, add ODM before the Supplier Part Description: ex: ODM Charger


  3.  In the Row immediately following the Product row enter a unique Subpart Name

    1. For the Motorola BOM controlled parts, list the Motorola part number in the Combination BOM List, then combine all the Motorola controlled parts into one item, declared as below:

      Subpart name

      Motorola controlled BOM

      Homogeneous material name

      Motorola controlled parts





      Substance name

      MISC., NOT TO DECLARE (note space between comma and NOT)



      % of Material




    1. For ME  parts, the subpart name should be the combined subpart name

                    Quantity = 1

Mass = the sum of all the components



    1. For EE parts, subpart name should be the combined subpart name,

Quantity = 1

Mass = the sum of all the components



    1. For other not combined parts, follow the process outlined for Complex Assemblies and Single Component


Here is an example with one BOM controlled part, a ME part and a EE part



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